Organisations we think well of

Christian organisation that do good work:

Info about society and politics

These christian organisations provide useful information and background to society, politics and legal matters:

  • Christian Concern for our Nation contains much helpful information on legal issues and is connected to the Christian Legal Centre.
  • SUSA The best single web site for any Christian concerned about politics and society, it has links to many other sites.
  • Jubilee Centre This site is run by a Christian research centre based in Cambridge and has many papers on current issues.

Related Churches

There are a number of churches in the area round Shoreham that we have especially close ties with:

Local Churches

In Shoreham there are good relations between the different churches. Many people visiting Shoreham may come from other traditions in the christian church. Others may feel comfortable with a different style or worship. So here are the names of the other churches:

Local websites

Shoreham people are quietly proud of their town and its history. Here are some local websites:

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