Here are our various groups - in alphabetical order. We give some brief details along with links to more detailed individual pages...

Egg on Toast

‘Egg on Toast’ is a great group for young kids [school years R-2]. Games, activities, input, refreshment, quizzes and more.

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Leaders Melanie Silsby, Mike Harding and Andy & Sally Lincoln
When friday nights [alternate weeks when 'The Fridge is NOT meeting']
Times 5.45pm to 6.45pm [doors open 5.30pm]
Cost £1.50/night

More about Egg on Toast - timetables etc


At Laser we seek to provide a vibrant and fun filled programme for young people in school years 7 - 11. We offer a range of activities including sports, themed nights, games and outings while also providing the opportunity for young people to chill out with their friends while having the use of the pool tables, air hockey, Nintendo Wii, table tennis, tuck shop and more. We seek to help young people grapple with the issues they’re faced with today through Christian discussion and short input times.

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Coordinators Melanie Silsby, Chris Leggett, Rob Taylor and Rebeca Page
When Friday night [alternate weeks]
Times 7.30pm to 9.00pm
Cost £1.50 / night unless specified otherwise on program

More about Laser - timetables etc

Men Only!

Men Only! is a group for men in and out of the church who like to relax in masculine company, and do ‘chap’ type things.

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Committee Andy, Geoff, George & Mike
When once a month, usually friday evening or saturday morning, but occasionally part or all of a saturday.

More about Men Only! - timetables etc

Open House

Invite to open house for the over 60's

Our doors are open every tuesday* to the over 60’s for tea, fun and friendship.
*at the moment we do not run in August or the Easter and Christmas holidays

Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, biscuits and cake while you make new friends.

We meet in Shoreham Baptist Church, Western Road.  All are very welcome to come whether you are a church goer or not!

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Leaders Austin & Denise Edwards
When Every tuesday afternoon
Times 2.00pm to 4.00pm
Cost We charge a modest 50p per session

More about Open House - timetables etc

Puppet Group

The puppet group write and perform sketches to show the love of God to those who believe and those who don’t. The group aims to make performances as funny and interesting as possible. The aim is to include something in the sketches for all ages.

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Leaders Chris Leggett, Lloyd Neate
When The group meets on some Monday evenings to write and practice sketches

More about Puppet Group - timetables etc


Shekinah playgroup is part of Shoreham Baptist Church. It is run for the community, and has an excellent reputation.

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Leaders Amanda Reed, Jan Measor & Ruth Wright
When Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9.15am-12.15pm. Thursday afternoon, 12.45pm-3.30pm. School term time.

More about Shekinah - timetables etc

The Fridge

‘The fridge’ is a really cool group for kids [school years 3-6]. Games, activities, input, refreshment, quizzes and more.

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Leaders Melanie & George Silsby, Mike Harding, Mike Daintree, Will Mason and Rebecca Page
When friday nights [alternate weeks - when Egg on Toast is not meeting]
Times 5.45pm to 7.00pm [doors open 5.30pm]
Cost £1.50/night

More about The Fridge - timetables etc

Worship Team

We lead the worship in the church services.  The team consists of singers and instrumentalists - keyboard, drums, guitars, sax, clarinet, flute etc.

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Leaders Ray & Ruth Orr, Julia Daintree, Richard Harris
When practice night - alternate Wednesdays
Times 8.00pm

More about Worship Team - timetables etc

Finally,Shoreham Baptist Church is also very pleased to host an amazing choir for their practise sessions:

Messengers UK

Messengers UK is a Community Gospel Choir in and around Adur.  There are separate Adult, Teen and Childrens sections.

Messengers UK [Teens] performing ‘Shackles’ at their first public performance!

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Leaders Julia Daintree, Fiona Eyre & Hannah Whitchurch
When Tuesday evenings, from March to July and from September to December
Times Adult Choir [over 16]: 8-9.30pm; Youth Choir [years 7+]: 7-8.30pm - Kids Choir [years 3-6] 6-7pm
Cost Adult Choir: £2.00/week - Youth Choir: £1.00/week - Kids Choir: £1.00/week - help available for low income families

More about Messengers UK - timetables etc

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