What is a home group

Home groups are an essential part of our life at Shoreham Baptist Church - over three quarters of our members belong to one.

A home group consists of 5-15 people who meet during the week at a private house. They meet to enjoy each others company, pray, study the bible, share lives, engage with each other and thorny issues and sometimes just relax.

During these times, people can raise issues which it would be difficult to ask in the main church meetings, laugh and cry

We, and many others, have found the home group to be key to growing as a Christian.

Our home groups

Here is a current list of our home groups:

  • Linda Semmons. Monday daytime
  • Ray Orr. Tuesday evenings
  • Kayleigh & Lloyd Neate and Chris Leggett. Youth home group. Alternate Monday evenings
  • Ruth Wright. Wednesday mornings. Term time only
  • Mike & Marion Harding. Wednesday evening
  • Julia Lillywhite. Wednesday evening
  • Worship Team. Wednesday evening
  • Maeve Whitchurch. Thursday evening
  • Don Moat. Thursday evening
  • Ron & Sue Neate. Alternate Thursday evenings
  • Simon Chaplin. Friday evening

Home groups don't meet during the week of the church prayer meeting or church members meeting.

NB the 4th thursday of each month is the night for the prayer meeting and the church members meeting - these are always at the church and start at 8pm.

During August, one home group hosts an event each week to which all other groups are invited.

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