This page is about our meetings; what they are like, regular times etc. The page ends with answers to typical questions that you may have about our times together.

Our main meetings are on sunday. Christians down the centuries have always met on that day, to celebrate and rejoice, and we are no exception.

For us, it is the time above all others when:

  • when we aim to re-center our lives on God
  • when we recognise God’s excellence and creative wonder
  • when we remind ourselves of God’s love
  • when we choose to lay aside all the things that we have been busy with
  • when we listen to God as a community and learn about Him
  • when we bring to Him our concerns and the tasks He has given us

Naturally how we express these purposes will vary from sunday to sunday, but the overall format is usually the same.  We will start with a time of singing, lead by the musicians, on keyboards, guitars & drums often with flute and saxophone.  This is followed by a time of teaching from the bible given by the pastor, one of the elders or a visitor. The meeting normally finishes with one or two more songs. Quite often we will have a time of open prayer [talking to God] - this may about a situation in the world, or about something that is more closely linked to us.

Because we give a lot of time to song, you will find that people often stand up or sit down as suites them.  Please feel free to do the same.

After the meeting, people stay and chat to others - there is no need to rush off.  If you want this is a good time to speak to Ray [our pastor].


The morning service begins at 10.30pm and typically lasts for 1-1.5 hours.  Don’t worry if you are late, please come in anyway - we will find you a seat!

The meetings are informal and friendly and usually consist of a time of singing, sermon/talk and ministry times.

We have an active creche, and there are also separate groups for children and teenagers, which start after a time together in the main building.

Cafe Church

This happens once a month in the evenings - low tables, coffee during the time together etc.


Our evening services begin at 6:30pm and are even more informal than the morning services.

Again the primary focus in all our services is worship and this is even more relaxed. The music team lead us in worship, both praise and intimate times of worship.


If its been a while since you were in a church, you may have some questions about the mechanics [clothes, seating, money, toilets & other facilities etc]. Hopefully these answers will help.

what should I wear?

Clothes…. basically, what you feel comfortable in - jeans or shorts or even a suit.  Ladies don’t normally wear hats.  Swimming costumes are probably not appropriate as they may be distracting for others.

where can I sit?

Anywhere you want - there are no ‘family pews’! If you have special requirements, just speak to the stewards at the door, and we will be more than happy to do what we can.

Speaking of pews - there are none at all.  We have used padded chairs for years - so if the pastor preaches too long you can go to sleep in comfort :-)

do I have to give money?

NO.  We do have a collection, but this is for church members, to support the things that we do.  Please pass the bag straight by. Don’t be embarrassed!

will there be smells & bells?

No - unless the gas starts leaking or the building catches fire. This is not for any deep theological reason - they have just not been part of our background.

can I keep my child with me?

Yes.  In the morning, unless it is a family service, there is a creche and children’s groups.  Your child can go to those, but if they feel anxious then there are equally welcome to stay.  Of course, they may get grumpy or need the toilet - please feel free to take them out at any time.

are there baby changing facilities?

Yes.  In the ‘easy access’ toilet.  When you enter the church, this is at the end of the corridor to the left.

where are the toilets?

When you enter the church, the toilets [women, men & easy access]are along the corridor to the left.

what disabilities do you cater for?

We aim to be as accessible as possible.  We have the following facilities:

  • temporary wheelchair ramp at main entrance [temporary because the path is narrow!].
  • ‘easy access’ toilet.  When you enter the church, this is at the end of the corridor to the left
  • hard of hearing loop inside main building.
  • wheel chair users - having movable chairs, it is really easy for us to find you a good spot in the main body.

if you have any ideas on how we improve this then please let us know.

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